ECO-DuR GmbH was founded as a family business in 1995. Today’s location of the company in Leinatal was built in 1997. The factory was extended to 2500 square metres by the year 2000. We manufacture in series production Cassette Shower Roller Blinds and Cassette Shower Corner Roller Blinds of a high standard quality. New production units in our modern factory guarantee quality and flexibility.

Onlineshop factory sales:


Cassette Shower Roller Blind de luxe

Cassette Corner Shower Roller Blind

These products were developed by us and are patented nationally and internationally. Right from the start our brand name ECO-DuR stands synonymous for excellent quality and service. We have grown substantially since our foundation in 1995 and are now the market leader in producing and selling shower roller blinds. Modern machinery, best materials and reliability explain our success. Our customers all over Europe appreciate our quality, service and reliability.

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